Our Team

Sarah Haysom

Sarah Haysom
Project Manager


I’ve had so much fun supporting this passion project and helping coordinate the many moving pieces to keep the team on track. The added bonus for me has been seeing the impact of our work on the 5 incredible charities.

Brent Purves

Brent Purves
Marketing and Virtual Events

Stir Marketing | LinkedIn

I’m all in with Cycle 5’s mission to enrich lives and promote well-being, while supporting charities through the creation of Explorer Series virtual cycling events. We’re building a global community of cyclists who share a passion for exploration and helping others.

Doris Olafsen

Doris Olafsen

Do Philanthropy Inc.

Cycle 5 To Survive is an epic story and DO Philanthropy loves the privilege of being part of this extraordinary story of generosity. This transformational initiative is already changing the lives of participants, sponsors, donors, volunteers and of course the charities that are the beneficiaries. It has been a huge gift to be able to be on the team behind the team.

Maddox Sawatzky
Media & Production


It’s been such an amazing experience being part of this team, and it’s been incredible to see the impact that C5TS is having both locally and abroad.

Peter Andres

Peter Andres

Wine Works | LinkedIn

It has been a pleasure to support PL and Kristen in their goals to make a positive impact in their community and the World. They are making pretty significant sacrifices to focus on that pursuit and I am more than happy to help out.

Amanda G/

Amanda G.
Social Media

Stir Marketing

I’m inspired by P.L. and Kristen’s journey to help change lives around the world, and happy to help them get the word out in hopes of inspiring others to “be the change they want to see in the world”.