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The Cause

We travelled to the Domical Republic in 2022 with several OI executives to see the impact and hear the testimonials of their “Aspiring together Women’s group”. A program that increases resiliency by educating women to grow savings for emergencies; allowing 100% of these women who choose to start a business access to microfinancing; at least 12 weeks of training, coaching, and networking to manage personal and business finances and follow budgets.  Following years of success in implementing the program, they now have over 11 branches and over 1300 women in the program. C5TS is excited and eager to raise money to grow this program by more than 5000 women over the next 5 years.

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The Connection

We were incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon Opportunity International Canada (OI) through a friend, and his wife’s involvement. The goal of using microfinancing and investments to lift people out of poverty struck a chord with both Kristen and me, and so when our friend invited us along to the Tour de Victoria Fondo charity dinner plus the actual ride, we jumped at the chance. As it turned out, the Philanthropy Consultant at OI was someone I had played volleyball with at university. It all came together beautifully in having our friend’s backing, learning more about what OI accomplishes and revisiting an old acquaintance. In short order, OI was added to our list of five chosen charities – a decision we feel great about to this day.

“Opportunity International works closely with its Implementing Partner in the Dominican Republic to provide training, access to capital, and support to help Dominican women become financially literate and to develop a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. Thanks to Cycle 5 to Survive’s commitment to go the distance for these entrepreneurial women, together we will be able to provide funding and solutions to help these women escape this dehumanizing poverty for good and with dignity.”

Dan Murray, CEO

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A 100% Promise to
Maximize Charitable Donations

100% of every dollar we raise will end up going directly to the specified cause chosen by each charity.

We achieved this by covering all expenses, including credit card and processing fees, and each charity waiving all administrative fees.

It is acceptable and standard for charities to charge administrative fees that help cover their operations and fundraising costs. C5TS is an extraordinary initiative and outside of the charities normal course of activity. C5TS is a unique and one-off partnership that wants to maximize and leverage the strength of their efforts because they are covering all costs for time, operations and fundraising.

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Sponsorship Package
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