5 Charities

Better Together – a great story being scripted.

Each of the 5 charities has its distinctive mission being realized in different countries around the world, however, C5TS has provided a platform for these charities to work together, hoping to leverage their influence and creativity. By all of the charities agreeing to join forces, P.L.’s initiative could create many opportunities for these charities across marketing, fundraising, operations and partnerships; illustrating how one person’s actions can inspire meaningful change and multiply results through collective efforts.

Although an ambitious goal of raising $500,000 for each charity over the next 5 years to help make a global impact – it looks like there’s even more potential beyond that!

Learn about each charity – click the logos below

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Hope For Korah

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A 100% Promise to
Maximize Charitable Donations

100% of every dollar we raise will end up going directly to the specified cause chosen by each charity.

We achieved this by covering all expenses, including credit card and processing fees, and each charity waiving all administrative fees.

It is acceptable and standard for charities to charge administrative fees that help cover their operations and fundraising costs. C5TS is an extraordinary initiative and outside of the charities normal course of activity. C5TS is a unique and one-off partnership that wants to maximize and leverage the strength of their efforts because they are covering all costs for time, operations and fundraising.

Sponsorship Package (PDF)

Sponsorship Package
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