Departing Vancouver, Canada on July 25, 2024, we will be traveling to the start of the European Divide Trail.

The European Divide trail (EDT) begins in Grense Jakobselv, the northernmost part of Norway, and stretches 7,600km with 87,000 m of elevation gain all the way to Cabo St. Vincent, the southernmost point in Portugal. This makes it the longest predominantly off-road bikepacking route in the world.

The Trail, established in 2020, is a continent-spanning network of trails, that connects the far edges of Europe. It primarily follows off-road tracks and trails, traffic-free cycle routes, and small sections of single track, with occasional stretches of minor roads.

Part way, we will be going off-route and taking a 20hr ride from Kiel, Germany to Klaipeda, Lithuania to visit LCC University – one of our charities.  We will be arriving the first week of September with opportunities to speak to the students about our initiative – both in the classroom and special homecoming events. After several day, we will be taking the ferry back to Kiel, Germany, and back on-route to finish the EDT

Although called the European Divide Trail (EDT), it differs from the Great Divide Bike Route we did in 2023 in North America, which follows the Continental Divide. Instead, the EDT crosses multiple countries, each with its own unique economic, social, geographic, geologic, historical, and cultural characteristics. As you cross 11 borders, you’ll encounter numerous languages, customs, laws, and regulations. Some differences are immediately apparent, while others become evident as you travel through diverse landscapes and communities.

Map of 2024 Europe Divide Route