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Professional Endorsements

Rick Thiessen

Terry Enns

“I have always admired P.L. for his honesty, passion, and energy as a business owner. Our association began in 2010 in his role as an owner of Diverse Properties as we explored and profited from real estate investments. PL is blessed with a curious mind, an entrepreneurial spirit and a yearning for purpose that has been the impetus behind ‘Cycle 5 To Survive’ with his wife Kristen. I believe this audacious goal proves his heart’s desire to make a difference. Quoting Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. “Finding his ‘Why’ in this 5-year tour, while benefitting these worthy charities gives me added incentive in supporting Kristen and PL in Cycle 5 to Survive…I hope you will too.”   

Chair Emeritus – Envision, First West Credit Union

Alex Stieda

Rick Thiessen

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kristen in Education since 2000 and can attest to her passion for kids and desire to grow as an individual. She’s an outstanding educator who doesn’t ever say she’s arrived. Kristen is constantly seeking out ways to hone her teaching craft but, more importantly, also finding opportunities to expand her mental and physical capacities. Whether it’s diving into leadership books, trying new fitness methods, or working with mentors/trainers, she is always working on herself. Recently, Kristen and I discussed a book The Coaching Effect, which argues that “the only way athletes improve is if the team has a coach who improves.” That sums up her approach to life.”  

Athletic Director, MEI Secondary

Athletic Endorsements

Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson, OLY

As a Friend and local Canadian, we are honoured that Alison Jackson believes in what we are doing with Cycle 5 To Survive. As an Olympian and professional cyclist she has become famous for her cycling tiktok videos, and therefore, a simple written endorsement from her just wouldn’t make sense 😊 Watch Endorsement here

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Lisa Roman

Lisa Roman, OLY

“PL & Kristen are both extremely passionate individuals who are dedicated to pursuing excellence. Having won a gold medal at the Olympics, I know what it takes to achieve your goals, and I see their determination and drive to achieve their goals with cycle 5 to survive. PL and Kristen are pure kindness, sacrificing themselves to raise money and awareness for charities. I look forward to supporting them along their journey.” Lisa Roman, OLY


Alex Stieda

Alex Stieda, OLY

“I’ve worn the yellow jersey and finished the Tour de France as a pro and that doesn’t hold a candle to the challenge that P.L. and Kristen are putting in front of themselves. The next 5 years are going to be some of the hardest but most memorable and fulfilling times of their lives. I wish them all the best and safe travels on their Cycle 5 To Survive tour. Chapeau!” 


Josh Dueck

Josh Dueck, PLY

It is clear that P.L. is motivated from a deep and personal space of vulnerability and kindness. Starting ‘Cycle 5 to Survive’ with his wife Kristen, he greatly desires to leave the world a little better than he found it. As Paralympic champion (2014) and the Chef de Mission for the Beijing 2022 Games, we share a common ethos; to use our gifts to the best of our abilities to support those on their way up. I am committed to joining Cycle 5 To Survive at the start line of their first ride in Banff Alberta and excited to see all of the changes they will make with this 5-year tour.” 

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Kim Dyke

Kim Dyke

“As a world Champion marathon swimmer, I know long distances. I have known P.L. and Kristen since 1998 when they first met, and they have the ability, willpower, and perseverance to pull these amazing bike rides off.  Cycle 5 To Survive is completely awesome and our world needs more people like them.”   


Arvid Loewen with group of kids and awards

Arvid Loewen

“Everybody has the right to speak, but the right to be heard must be earned. I hope Cycle 5 To Survive earns you the right to be heard when you share your passion to make a difference.”

Holder of two Guinness World Records Facebook