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The more I share my “why” behind the Cycle 5 to Survive story, the more I realize that what Kristen and I are setting out to do goes way beyond our financial or physical investment.

We have come to realize that our promise almost pales in comparison to the promise that the charities we have chosen have committed to the people they are serving.

One charity says it well and is a reflection of this determination:

“The barriers of poverty, inequality, limited education, and stigma are very real in Korah. But equally real are the countless stories of perseverance, resilience, strength, and community. Korah is full of beautiful, capable people. When given the opportunities and living conditions they deserve, they are able to access futures of hope, empowerment, and possibility.”

Every dollar donated to us makes a real difference in providing much needed opportunities for those who need it the most. We are honored and humbled by each contribution that helps create cycles of opportunity for the less fortunate.

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The Great Divide / Continental Divide Bike Route Challenge

PL and Kristin invite you to join the Continental Divide Bike Route Challenge and tackle the 4300 km virtual route from Banff to Mexico by cycling, walking, or running in your local area. Dive into this adventure knowing that 100% of your registration fee directly supports five incredible charities!

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