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LCC is extending their mission of providing university education to students from war-impacted countries through the expansion of its “Middle East Scholars (MES)” program that provides war-affected students from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria the opportunity to receive a post-secondary education, long-term career opportunities and a pathway to a new life in a safe and supportive community. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has honoured LCC’s work after seeing remarkable achievements in helping deserving individuals reach academic success under dire circumstances.

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The Connection

When I first heard about LCC International University in 2013, I was amazed and inspired by the amazing endeavour of an acquaintance to build a new educational facility across the sea. A few months later, upon being invited by my business partner to attend a fundraising dinner where I could learn more about LCC, I was humbled by their kind offer of asking me to talk to their students about business and leadership. After getting an even better understanding of the university during this dinner and learning more about their already impressive international student record, a light bulbed moment came up – ‘why don’t I cycle around these countries represented at LCC, as a way of raising awareness for the university?’. Excitedly bringing this idea up with Dennis (founder), he kindly offered me a list of every country represented at LCC.

Since meeting Dennis and developing a close friendship, I became increasingly interested in the work of ‘LCC’ and that curiosity eventually led to it becoming part of C5TS. Despite nothing transpiring until 2022, conversing with Dennis about life and faith left a profound impression on me and feeling honoured to be able to help spread awareness about LCC’s wonderful cause by representing them in this 5-year tour.

“LCC is a Liberal Arts University that we founded in 1991 as Lithuania declared independence from the Soviet Union. United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) recognized LCC in 2022 as having an exemplary educational pathways program for students from war-affected regions (Middle East, Afghanistan etc.).  Students find LCC a haven with trauma-trained counsellors and student-centred learning.

We’re very excited to partner with P.L. and Kristen and their Cycle 5 To Survive tour. Most of our students come from developing countries and require significant financial assistance to afford the dream of university education – and P.L. and Kristen are helping more students realize their dreams.”     

Dennis & Rene Neumann, Founders

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A 100% Promise to
Maximize Charitable Donations

100% of every dollar we raise will end up going directly to the specified cause chosen by each charity.

We achieved this by covering all expenses, including credit card and processing fees, and each charity waiving all administrative fees.

It is acceptable and standard for charities to charge administrative fees that help cover their operations and fundraising costs. C5TS is an extraordinary initiative and outside of the charities normal course of activity. C5TS is a unique and one-off partnership that wants to maximize and leverage the strength of their efforts because they are covering all costs for time, operations and fundraising.

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