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The Cause

iDE’s founder, Paul Polak, practiced and preached the importance of starting with people. With the support of C5TS, local iDE teams will use Human Centered Design to engage deeply with the people and communities they serve. They look for the sweet spot solutions that are: desirable (what do people want); feasible (does it work?) and viable (will it make money and sustain itself). By following these principles, iDE is committed to ensuring that all C5TS support goes directly to designing solutions that work and can scale up to make the biggest impact for those in need.

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The Connection

One of my good friends and business acquaintances has always been a supporter of my endeavours. Not even the longest of bike rides was too much for his enthusiasm. When I told him that my 1000 km bike packing tour in 2020 was to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation, he was immediately supportive; offering me a place to stay and feed en route.  When looking for support for C5TS, he immediately wanted me to learn more about iDE Canada.  Knowing our purpose of sport, education and business, he felt iDE Canada would be a great fit.

Shortly thereafter, I connected with Stu and Jon from iDE, two incredibly enthusiastic leaders. Their infectious passion for the business side of their charity was a perfect match to our purpose: “Powering entrepreneurs to end poverty”.

“For 40 years, iDE has been creating new opportunities for poor, rural households in developing countries. As entrepreneurs and educators, P.L. and Kristen understand that real and lasting change is possible when we work closely with local innovators to provide the training, financing, and connections they need to be successful. As athletes, they are driven to make a difference and we are privileged to partner with them on this Cycle 5 To Survive journey, powering entrepreneurs to end poverty.

Stuart Taylor, CEO

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A 100% Promise to
Maximize Charitable Donations

100% of every dollar we raise will end up going directly to the specified cause chosen by each charity.

We achieved this by covering all expenses, including credit card and processing fees, and each charity waiving all administrative fees.

It is acceptable and standard for charities to charge administrative fees that help cover their operations and fundraising costs. C5TS is an extraordinary initiative and outside of the charities normal course of activity. C5TS is a unique and one-off partnership that wants to maximize and leverage the strength of their efforts because they are covering all costs for time, operations and fundraising.

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Sponsorship Package
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