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The Cause

Presently, Himalayan Life (HL) is positively transforming the lives of more than 150 young children, providing support for their educational journey from early childhood to undergraduate studies. HL provides housing throughout the week for students whose homes are simply too far away from the school to attend otherwise. 70% girls.

With the funds raised from C5TS, a long-held dream of establishing an endowment fund is now within reach. It is a $3 per-day-be-child project. The first $100,000 of the endowment fund, sitting in a simple savings account in Nepal at 11% interest, will generate annual interest of $11,000 – enough to pay for 30 kids’ lives to be turned around, perpetually year after year.

The impact that this could have on their lives and those around them is remarkable; each child has the opportunity for lasting transformation through higher learning.

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The Connection

After hearing of Himalayan Life (HL) through a friend back in 2010, Kristen and I thought nothing more about it… until 2022 when we coincidentally bumped into him once again, who told us about HL for the second time! That same year another surprise was to come – another friend asked me to do a charity ride in Nepal with something involving this very same organization that had been mentioned earlier that year! Although unable to join this ride, the ride was something my business partner mentioned several months later. Without him knowing about these past occurrences, he encouraged me to learn more about HL as they just completed this amazing bike ride in Nepal.

With so many coincidences, Kristen and I were inspired to meet Daniel and his wife, two enterprising founders with an impressive vision for their HL organization. At the fundraising event we attended shortly after meeting with them, it was clear how committed they are to making a tangible difference—their inspiring story is something special! Aligning perfectly with C5TS’ goals, working together with HL felt like a natural choice.

“As the founder and CEO of the charity Himalayan Life, I am passionate about transformation. I know only too well just how hard it is, and how long it takes to turn a life around, overcome trauma, escape from addiction, and shed marginalization. Real charity work is nothing for the faint of heart, and if we are truly serious about transformation, we must be in for the long haul.

It’s quite remarkable, how congruent the character of P.L. and Kristen and their Cycle 5 to Survive tour is with the nature of charitable work: not for the faint of heart, in for the long haul. Way to go Kristen and P.L., as you are putting yourselves out there, and bringing your passion and talents to the table. Your hard work will significantly impact Himalayan Life and create opportunities for transformation for the children entrusted into our care.” 

Daniel Burgi, Founder, CEO

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A 100% Promise to
Maximize Charitable Donations

100% of every dollar we raise will end up going directly to the specified cause chosen by each charity.

We achieved this by covering all expenses, including credit card and processing fees, and each charity waiving all administrative fees.

It is acceptable and standard for charities to charge administrative fees that help cover their operations and fundraising costs. C5TS is an extraordinary initiative and outside of the charities normal course of activity. C5TS is a unique and one-off partnership that wants to maximize and leverage the strength of their efforts because they are covering all costs for time, operations and fundraising.

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Sponsorship Package
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